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The time when a player is released from a professional club can be very difficult but ProChance see opportunity being the key to revitalising the futures of young players released at 18.

Anthony Cato, transition officer @lfeonline gave his thoughts “It’s been fantastic to hear about the work that @prochancefootball & @derbyuni have been doing, offering young people an opportunity to combine a full-time training programme with education and much more. This is an exciting opportunity to support young players across the country with their next steps”

ProChance Head of Football, Liam Sutcliffe commented "We've been working with released players from some time now and with every player we speak with, state that what they want is opportunity. Sustainable opportunity to find out if they can be paid to do something they love as a job as a player but also to know more about themselves and to find a path forward through education while gaining valuable experience on the pitch and in the workplace.

Annually, we operate two programmes. From May we run our 8 week performance camp aimed at opportunity, immediately satisfying demand for players in clubs, giving players the opportunity to@work@on some things that may have been a reason for their release, individual evolution, education, helping them understand their journey and helping them make better decisions over their immediate future whilst enjoying full time training and an amazing professional club games programme watched by many clubs from home and abroad creating the perfect recipe to give a player the ultimate opportunity on and off the pitch. We then have our full time programme. This involves a true full time training programme including strength and conditioning, performance analysis, team coaching, 1-2-1 coaching, unit specific coaching, a full medical provision, full time games programme including matches against #professional clubs in front of decision makers from the professional game and a very unique academic programme based around the player and their personal development. This environment supports players over a longer period of time with lots of positive outcomes”

With our programme it's an opportunity to achieve and play professional clubs at B team/under 23 and at a first team level. We piloted with Port Vale to see if at a first team level playing our group would be worthwhile and it was a resounding yes.

We are very much looking forward to working with Anthony Cato, the LFE, and to provide support and much needed guidance and opportunity to players released from @premierleague and @efl clubs”

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