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Playing Methodology

We feel our methodology will not yield wins but encourages the individual to excel

Our way of playing the game has four main elements to it:

  1. Man to Man

  2. System Match

  3. Play to Dominate

  4. Mindset Management

We know from past experience that playing the way we do doesn't yield wins but it definitely helps player movement. 

Our methodology helps the professional club we play and the watching scouts make decisions as we feel we paint a clearer picture of what each individual playing is about and what they can and can't do, the skills they have or where they need to improve.

When we play a professional club in a showcase match or while away with a showcase camp we adopt a man to man style without the ball, match the system of the opposition, play to dominate the ball and to encourage players to be brave and manage their own mindset and support others around them.

There is a thought process, a philosophy. a style of play. We call this, our playing methodology. 

But, why? Explanation below:

1. Man for Man

A fundamental part of the game is winning and managing individual battles and 'earning the right to play'. When we play, we aim to showcase a players capability in the truest sense so why not man for man.

Certainly in most parts of the pitch we can encourage players to earn the right to play and also to win their individual battles in a man for man structure.

2. System Match

When we play a professional club it is important to play their way and adopt the same system.

There are three main reasons:

  • It allows in most parts of the players the chance to play man for man

  • It allows in most parts of the pitch players the chance to play the either the primary system or a system the club generally plays. 

  • Playing the same system in a man for man way creates natural overloads and underloads challenging the players tactically. It encourages players to play without fear and provokes many situations that require require a high level of problem solving or decision making.

3. Play to Dominate

Yes, football is a team sport and yes for any player to kick on from a showcase match they will need to work well in a team and be able to play with good players but the power of dominating your opponent is very attractive to professional clubs. 

As part of our methodology, we need to demonstrate how good a player can be with the ball. 

All football clubs are looking for players who can do the following:

  • ​Scan 

  • Manage a ball

  • Pass over different distances

  • Beat a player

  • Play with energy

The skill set above enables a player to dominate his opponent if he can showcase these skills.

4. Mindset Management

For a player to earn a contract at a club he will need to exhibit a strong mindset but what does that look like and how is this skill part of our methodology

From the moment a player completes a form online the process of evaluating their ability but mainly their mindset has begun.

We are assessing if players can:

  • Turn up and play

  • Be brave in possession even if something goes wrong

  • How do they react to set backs

If a player can demonstrate that they can excel in these areas then they have a real chance.

The same process takes place match after match and camp after camp.

All in all we feel our methodology will not yield wins but encourages the individual to excel.

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