Our desire to create opportunity derives from our personal and industry experiences within game we love, football.

In today's modern game, there is a requirement for the ready made product. Perhaps it's always been like this, but people and young people are rarely ready made. We feel this is where we can add value to the industry, professional clubs and to players. We will work with players who are on the outside of the professional game, we are especially keen to work with players born from January to August and to provide a home for players to reenergise their mindset after release.

We will work with players to ensure they stay in the game and provide an opportunity to gain the exposure players need by creating a showcase opportunity to gain a second chance at playing professionally.

Through our industry and personal experiences we want to create an opportunity for personal development, an opportunity for individuals to gain vital experience and exposure at a level akin to the professional game.

We are passionate about providing a rounded experience of the industry and educating individuals for a life within professional football and the sporting world.

We hope through our presence in the game, we will be able to positively affect a small group of players year on year.