Welcome to ProChance Football

ProChance is a club like no other!

ProChance is a club with a vision to support young players who have been released, fall into the late developer category and players who have not had the opportunity to enter into the professional game.

By design, our young promising players are afforded the opportunity to play senior mens football alongside showcase games vs professional clubs. Our programme is a game focussed player development model which sees training sessions replaced with meaningful, competitive matches with training camps for preparation and evaluation.

Many of the games our squad face will be watched by key decision makers from professional clubs.

With almost 40 players in less than 18 months securing contracts with professional clubs, we can demonstrate an ability and commitment to providing opportunity. With many more moving into apprenticeships, further and higher education and paid work. We have aided players in securing paid playing opportunities within non league.

We aim to support the wellbeing, mindset and employability of young, promising football players after their release from professional clubs.

Many players go through a terrible ordeal following their release and in many cases have dedicated most if not all of their childhood to becoming a professional football player. The agony felt by those affected often lasts a long time. The anxiety and pain many feel can lead to depression and in some cases a very dark place in which support, help and direction are so important. We support each player's immediate family in order to understand and help in the most positive way for each individual.

We are based at St George's Park National Football Centre and is funded for all players.

We provide hope, positivity and inspiration in many forms to each person we support and give the direction and guidance that is desperately needed.

Everything we do is engineered to support young players while ensuring they and their immediate family understand that football is one of a number of career paths that may be right for them. 

We will continue our work to support young footballers and young people in the wider community so please help as the ProChance Football Club operates on grant funding, sponsorship and good will and we need your support.

Our club is unique in design while retaining the traditional beauty of an english football club.