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Mission Statement

ProChance aims to consistently be one of the top providers of opportunity in English football for young promising footballers who are either released or are searching for an opportunity

We intend to create opportunity for players in a competitive and sustainable way.

We aim to provide clubs, players and staff with options for a players exit strategy from a professional club and redefine what opportunities are available to young footballers making the culture around creating opportunity post 16 a standard practice.

We will do the right thing for the players, their families and the clubs we work with.

We’ll always be positive and enthusiastic, and we’ll never be scared to try and fail.

We have a relentless desire to learn and create a better process for players released or searching for a chance within the professional game post 16.

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We have five main objectives:

- To develop and maintain a high performing player talent base
- To develop and maintain a profitable and sustainable business
- To ensure we facilitate as much positive player movement as is possible
- To be the most proactive organisation in creating opportunity for young, promising footballers
- To develop strategies to help and support young players to make better decisions

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Corporate Social Responsibility

ProChance is fully committed to achieving best practice and being viewed as a good corporate citizen.

This involves working with the Club’s official Charity the Huddersfield Town Foundation and supporting them to deliver CSR activities and programmes on behalf of the Club, as well as supporting club commercial partners to engage with the work of the Foundation.

This allows for creative, innovative programmes to be delivered in the immediate and wider community of Huddersfield Town. The Club continues to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance through the annual ‘Pedal for Pounds’ bike ride and is proud to have raised over £2 million for the lifesaving charity as well as other local causes since 2009. 

The Town Foundation

The Huddersfield Town Foundation Ltd is a registered charity founded in 2012, initially set up to provide free breakfasts to children across Kirklees via its ‘Early Kick-Off’ Breakfast Club programme. As the Foundation has grown and developed, it now aims to make an impact in four key areas; Learning & Education, Health & Healthy Behaviours, Safe Spaces & Places and Movement & Activity.

To do this, staff deliver a range of projects in schools and other community settings, working with residents of all ages and backgrounds. Despite this, breakfast clubs have remained an important part of the Foundation’s offer and 41 schools across Kirklees currently receive free food daily. The breakfast club has to be free and open to every child within the school, the school are not allowed to charge the pupils and this is funded through Foundation fundraising activities.

The Foundation is rooted in its community and the unique needs of Kirklees are part of how they define their purpose, along with a passion for football and support, their distinct knowledge and skills and the resources they can access to make it all happen.

As an independent organisation, the charity has its own Board of Trustees and Management Team. Trustees come from a variety of backgrounds and are all volunteers, tasked with making sure the Foundation always put the needs of people in Kirklees first in addition to safeguarding assets by providing strategic direction. The Management Team is accountable to the Trustees.

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