At any point in your relationship with ProChance you could be progressed to playing at a higher standard or presented with an opportunity in the professional game.

If you are a promising young footballer, then a trial with ProChance Football could be the platform you need.

If you need an opportunity to train and play at the highest standard to showcase your potential and ability, then we can create that opportunity.

To be selected, we will often ask you for lots of information. We will ask you to either complete a Talent ID form on our website or send us your CV, we will always ask you to send us footage.

It is important to note that all players are of the highest standard and players are often scouted in advance of an invitation to one of our events.

Due to the demand of players wanting to use us as a platform for their careers to progress, we use the process of trials too. This is to ensure professional clubs don't miss out on a promising player.

Trial days, enable players to show us their ability and if they impress, they will be signposted to the best available opportunity.