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Code of Conduct


ProChance Football is a brand name and is owned and operated by The Caerus Sports Group Limited.

The cares Sports Group Trading as ProChance Football sets expectations of anyone who accesses our training and match facilities and its services. It is for everyone, together, to ensure we are all treated fairly and with respect and in an environment that is free from discrimination or abuse.

Behaving in a way that is consistent with our aims and that does not offend, alarm or distress others.

Supporting us to confront and eliminate discrimination, whether by reason of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief, race, sex or sexual orientation.

Promoting equality by treating people fairly and with respect, by recognising that inequalities may exist, by taking steps to address them and by providing access and opportunities for all members of the community.

Report any incidents of inequality, harassment, abuse or victimisation to security staff immediately.

Together, we will create the best footballing environment to play in, win in and visit.


We will always have high expectations of you as a player and an individual.


For the duration of your time with us, it is essential that you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner when representing ProChance and/or The Caerus Sports Group and be mindful that your actions or behaviour at school, college, university, work or socially should reflect that of an elite athlete.

2.1 Punctuality

• Players and staff will arrive on time for all activities.

• If you are going to be late for training and matches, you must contact your coach.

• If a player is late we reserve the right to remove that player from training or games

2.2 Training Kit

• You must bring your full and correct kit to all training sessions and matches.

• You must make sure training equipment is ready to use.

• You must wear clean footwear to all training sessions and matches. A player must have the correct footwear for the surface and condition of surface.

• You must look after your training kit and ensure it clearly labelled with your name.

• You must bring a packed lunch to activities when required.

• No jewellery or caps to be worn at any time when representing the Club.

2.3 Attitude

• You must always represent the Club in a positive way.

• You must make positive lifestyle choices.

• You must always shake hands with staff and visitors when arriving at Club and be well mannered, look the person in the eye when shaking hands.

• You must be dignified in victory and gracious in defeat. Always shake the officials and opponents hand.

• You must accept referee decisions at all times.

2.4 Behaviour & Conduct

• Players shall be respectful to all members of staff, whatever their position at the Club.

• Players shall be respectful to all other players. Any reports of bullying will be followed up thoroughly by the Club Safeguarding Manager.

• Players shall not use mobile phones or any other device to take photographs or record videos in the changing rooms.

• No footballs are to be kicked around the changing rooms, corridors or gym.

Players are not allowed to enter through the Middleton Road entrance. Entrance to the Training Ground must be accessed via Belvoir Drive entrance.

3.0 Education

• Players must be in education or work for the duration of their registration.

• Players must attend maintain a high attendance record.

4.0 Club Approach to Behaviour

ProChance Football club believes that we have the responsibility to teach our players core values and help create polite, intelligent and responsible members of society. In order to achieve this, we have high expectations of all in terms of appearance, learning and conduct.

The Academy’s Player and Parent Codes of Conduct are made clear so that staff, parents and players are aware of expectations. The Codes of Conduct are non-negotiable and there are no excuses for poor behaviour.

Players are reminded that whilst registered with the Club, they represent ProChance FC.

Inappropriate behaviour in the classroom, training complex, at home or in the community may result in disciplinary action.

Consequences are applied by staff in accordance with the structures outlined and are issued as professionals, without prejudice. On occasions, players and parents will not agree with the reason for the consequence. The club is happy to discuss any concerns over these matters, but we hope that parents will support the club in its methods, in its decisions and generally in its work to get the best out of each individual.

Examples of poor behaviour

Instances where a formal warning would be considered:

• Abusive and aggressive language towards others

• Bullying or behaviour that is hurtful / harmful to self or others

• Destructions of another’s property

• Threatening others (physical or verbal)

• Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages

Instances where a temporary exclusion would be considered:

• Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages on site or while taking part in a Club activity.

• Playing with fire alarms or fire extinguisher

• Vandalism

• Bullying or behaviour that is hurtful/harmful to self or others (including racism or homophobic behaviours).

• Threatening others (physical or verbal)

• Deliberate involvement or instigation of conflict

• Sexually inappropriate behaviour

• Stealing or possessing stolen property

• Fighting or physical aggression – no form of fighting or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated

• Wilful disobedience or serious disrespect to an adult

Instances where a termination of registration would be considered:

• Bringing onto Club premises or being found in possession of illegal substances

• Bringing onto Club premises or being found in possession of an offensive weapon

• Physical assault (either inside or outside of Club premises)

• Bringing individuals either of the same sex or the opposite sex onto club premises/accommodation

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