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A multiyear deal has been agreed as the official kit supplier, commencing June 1, 2022, the agreement will see NB supplying the men’s and women’s squads as well as staff as New Balance become the Principal Partner of ProChance.

ProChance is the UK’s leading football club for young footballers recently released from professional clubs; it provides a second opportunity to earn a contract with a professional team while also developing skills and understanding of wider career opportunities within sport and New Balance are delighted to be a part of this unique football clubs journey

Commenting on the partnership New Balance Teamsports Managing Director John Carden said “The New Balance teamwear range is ideal for football clubs as it covers the full breadth of both playing and training kit required by teams at all levels. Working with ProChance allows us to showcase this as we become their official kit supplier for the 2022 season onwards.”

Liam Sutcliffe, Founder of ProChance, added “We are so pleased to announce our partnership with New Balance. We know it is imperative we have the very best in performance wear and this is a huge step in the right direction with a global sports brand. I also hope this can have a positive impact on the local community, the football community and our partner clubs”



Manager: Liam Sutcliffe

Liam Sutcliffe on the past season: excited for 2022/23 and talks about pre season, the remaining crop of talent and newcomers…

“The season as a whole has been excellent but it has come with its challenges. Playing mens football at 16/17 has really helped the process of developing the player, it’s made it easier to educate the group, simply because they get to experience weekly the things we talk about. A lot of the group are visual or kinaesthetic learners so this experience is vital. The amount of opportunity we have provided this season against professional clubs and in front of key decision makers has been important and given that on many occasions this season the players are playing first team players, this appears to earn respect from the professional clubs which we really appreciate. They trust us to put on a competitive game that will challenge their players while we have the opportunity to see our players tested”

“A lot has been learnt and the biggest thing the players have discovered is to love and enjoy the journey and process, not to focus so much on the end goal but to focus on being their best self every day. Those that have embraced this philosophy, have really improved individually, players with this mentality are generally the ones who end up with the opportunities. They are also the ones that tend to play with a smile on their face, more focussed and are better learners. So, we’ve learn’t something, that’s what I’ll take away from this season”

“Of the group that started with us, rather than them quitting after their release or finding they had a lack of opportunity and falling into a bog standard football and education programme that they came into something really good, made friends for life and enjoyed their football again, learn’t a lot on and off the pitch. They’ve certainly had a lot of opportunity and I believe that has been our biggest success, keeping lads in the game, giving them a home to play and encouraging them to love life and football”

“It’s a process. The players from this season have developed really well and are in a great position to continue their development. I think a key thing for each individual and their families is patience and enjoying the process. Most if not all of them will earn money out of the game and have bright futures on and the pitch but they need to follow the process and continue to underwrite their own development. They get out what they put in and we want to encourage them to do more and achieve more both in life and in the game”

“As we move the club forward, we are in the process of improving our range and quality of academic programmes available to players, we have improved our access to world class facilities and we are improving our accommodation provision enabling players to travel less and stay overnight much more. Plus, the number and most importantly the quality of professional club matches. We are aiming for 25 professional club matches in front of a range of professional club key decision makers from England and Scotland. We are in a privileged position and we wish to maximise our relationships in the game to help and support our players. We did well this year in terms of the number of pro club games, the quality and our ability to compete. 2022-23 season will be interesting as we bring 3/4 new players every month alongside a core squad of 18. They’ll stay for a short period and then move on but it gives clubs a reason to scout, our core players an additional incentive to perform and competition from within. Exciting”

“Before next season, we have pre, pre-season and then pre season. It’s going to be hard for the players but the vast majority of what we do is with the balls, weight vests and is tracked so we can periodise weekly in advance. We want to play well, deal with the challenges that come our way, win games and learn. Take what we’ve learnt from this season, integrate new players quickly and create a winning culture. The demands will be the same for every player. Be the best version of you. Every session, in the gym, classroom and on the grass”

“We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with Edu Rubio and @MyEnergyGame to enhance the mindset performance of each player. This has been invaluable this season and a huge thank you to Edu and Mark Timmington for their support and may it long continue”

“We have some major announcements to make over the coming weeks and months that we believe take us to the next level as we build this quite unique club from the ground up. New staff and more support for the players will hopefully see us improve on and off the pitch”

“July will be great for the players. Playing Cheltenham Town and Port Vale will provide opportunity and strong tests. The games vs Step 5, six and seven clubs will give us a good handle on the mindset of the group and get valuable minutes in for the players and a lot of learning”

“Next season will be fun, enjoyable but still have its challenges and we hope some more players can move on into the professional game. It’s exciting”



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PlayerData and ProChance are delighted to announce a partnership, which will see both organisations collaborate to enhance the professional career prospects of the club’s young players.

ProChance players will have use of PlayerData’s industry leading GPS tracking and analysis service, enabling coaches to track player performance on match days as well as during training sessions to enhance their prospects of securing a professional contract.  

ProChance is one of the UK’s leading football clubs for young footballers recently released from professional clubs; it provides a second opportunity to earn a contract with a professional team while also developing skills and understanding of wider career opportunities within sport.

PlayerData is one of the fastest growing sports technology companies in the UK and is dedicated to making sports GPS tracking and analysis available to football clubs at every level of the game.

Commenting on the partnership PlayerData’s Head of Commercial, Mark Kirkup said “I’m delighted we have agreed a partnership with ProChance, a progressive and innovative organisation looking to integrate sports science and technology into their club culture, ensuring their young players have the best chance of success in the future.”

Liam Sutcliffe, First Team Manager, added “We are so pleased to announce our partnership with PlayerData. We know it is imperative we integrate technology into what we do day to day. I have been very impressed by PlayerData, they are forward thinking and constantly developing their product; that’s something we want to bring to our players and the wider football community. It will enhance the prospects of any young player wishing to make that step towards a professional contract and that is where the synergy of this partnership begins.”