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Captain Callum Edwards

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Captain Callum Edwards talks us through his release and what life is really like with ProChance 

Q. Straight in at the deep end! How did you feel following your release?

A. When I heard the news that had been released I was gutted. I thought I was in a good position to get a contract as I had recently been playing with the under 18 squad, and many others had already been released but I was still there. What made the situation worse was waiting and not knowing, it wasn’t a nice feeling. When i found out that I wasn’t getting a contract it was a major set back, but I was still hopeful I could come back from it.

Q. How have you found the recruitment process of ProChance since you were first identified by the club?

A. Since I was approached by ProChance, everything has been done in a professional way. I really enjoyed the zoom calls which gave me the chance to get to know what I was working with for the upcoming season. I really appreciated the patience that ProChance showed while I was trying to make my decision of what to do. ProChance do so much more than just recruit players, they support you through your release and help you navigate a minefield really even if you don't sign with ProChance, they still help you.

Q. What is the most exciting thing you've experienced with ProChance so far?

A. I feel the most exciting thing that has happened so far with ProChance is making history and playing in a men’s league which is something which has never been done before. Going into the first League game as Captain was surreal. The crazy feeling was that we were playing in a competitive league and everyone wanted to win, everyone one was buzzing due to the chance that we had been given.

Q. Describe yourself as a person and player?

A. The way I would describe myself as a person is motivated, friendly, hard working, good sense of humour and approachable.

Q. What are your aspirations as a footballer?

A. My aspirations as a footballer are to get noticed by a league club who would give me a chance to make it as a footballer, this is what I have wanted ever since I was young, It’s my dream. I will keep working as hard as I can and doing the extra bits for this to become possible. I'm in a great place right now and ProChance give me the tools to do what I need to do every day.

Q. As a former academy player. How good do you feel this ProChance team is?

A. ProChance is very professional. I feel like it is on a par with an academy. Sometimes the demands might be similar to being a first team player, I imagine. The communication that is given is excellent and is better than I have ever had before. I feel lucky to be a part of this growing club. I think the way Liam keeps in touch with all the players is class because having a good bond with your manager is needed. He calls you telling you what you can improve on, sets up zoom calls when we are struggling with something like our fitness programme etc. The detail is unreal.

The level of the players is class with most of them being released from academy’s for all different reasons, the way the lads have bonded so quickly is really good and I look forward to the season ahead. No doubt we have players better than those in the academy system. 100%.

Q. How do you and the squad feel about playing mens football week in and week out?

A. I feel like the lads know it’s a massive challenge but a challenge we can overcome. We know they are going to be more physical than us but we have a better footballing brain. The way we play our football means most teams will struggle tactically and technically against us in this men’s league and we will be fitter than every team we play. They have the experience and strength but we have the determination to win and perform well in the games we play.

Q. Talk to us about the position change recently?

A. We've had a player sent off a couple of times this season and although I've never played as a centre back before [I'm a striker] Liam has seen something that suggests I can play there and perhaps do better as a centre back than as a striker. Liam feels I do much better when the ball is in front of me as I can read the game and I actually love defending. No idea how that's happened really.

Q. Describe the personality of the squad? You talk about the player who is most organised, funniest, dodgy dress sense.

A. The personality of the squad is class and it’s a pleasure to play alongside all these lads. The conversation in the changing rooms is always there and the tunes are always on. I would say we have a lad who thinks he’s the funniest but I think everyone else’s opinion is different and that is definitely Kian. 

Q. Can you describe how you felt once you had signed for ProChance?

A. Once I had signed for ProChance I was very happy with the decision I had made, with all the development since I am even happier with my decision. I think it’s a massive opportunity and its definitely not one to miss out on. I have enjoyed every minute of being a part of this football club.

Q. From a players point of view can you describe what ProChance is and what it does for promising young players?

A. Pro chance is a massive opportunity to get your name back out there after maybe having some news that is not wanted. No one wants to hear that they are not getting a contract at the football club they have been a part of for what ever period of time. However pro chance has the possibility of opening many new doors for your football career.

Q. Finally, is ProChance difficult to get into if so can you tell us why you think so?

A. I feel that ProChance is very difficult to get into due to the fact that they have thousands of lads trying to get in and only take around about 20 max. I feel if you have the correct attitude, ability and go about your business in the right way you will have every chance of being a part of ProChance.

Professional Club Matches


Liam Sutcliffe

The manager looks back at our latest Talent ID event at St George's Park National Football Centre and tells us of the quality of the players in ProChance Football Club right now


Freedom to fail & make mistakes

Huddersfield Town post match review

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Manager reflects on the performance vs Huddersfield Town

It an important day for the ProChance squad, the manager reflects on the squads performance.

"For me the take home message for the players is we may not like it and it may be frustrating but you have the freedom to fail or make mistakes. The players performed very well and the outcomes we were looking for especially in the second half were there for everyone to see"

"The first half was good but we went too direct too early and gave possession away without making Town work for the right to be in possession. A mistake for the first goal and a very good strike for their second in the first half saw Town on top but towards the last 15 minutes or so of the first half we played much better and we could see the patterns of play emerging, we won more first balls especially as Town cleared their lines and our press in the attacking and middle third improved as we became more confident"

"The second half was really pleasing. We pinned Town in for good periods, passed well, pressed well with all three units and we grew in confidence throughout"

"For me and with the way the players want to play and how each of them learn and we may not like this and we do get frustrated by it but they need the freedom to fail and make mistakes. They have that freedom and over time we will reduce the team and individual errors. With the way we play there is always a chance of a mistake because we take risks in possession. We want to play an exciting brand of football and we are steaming through the process with the players but this group has five maybe six levels to it before they become high level 16/17/18 year olds. For the minute we are probably still at level one. Some players are level two. It shows the growth these lads have in front of them"

"With more detail in the press, detail in moving the ball through the thirds and much more detail in the final third as a group and individually they'll quickly move up the levels"

"The players should take the confidence into the next game and play with freedom and pride"



Pro club Match Preview with Liam Sutcliffe


Defeat to Palace means nothing but the experience and learning means everything!

Liam Sutcliffe looks ahead to an amazing opportunity.

Liam commented "Its another opportunity to take what we've learn't in the last eight weeks on to the grass in a competitive game vs an outstanding academy and club"

"It's always a pleasure to visit the guys at Huddersfield and we are really looking forward to it"

"It's important this season that we visit as many professional clubs as possible and not just play at St George's Park. Mainly because the players get to see how clubs operate, the standards while getting to see how clubs and players prepare and get ready for games. It's another vital part of the learning process"

"It's the first game this season that will be like for like in terms of age. Having said that there is every chance we will be slightly younger with the number of late developers we have. With this in mind we are hopeful we can demonstrate what we've learned and be very competitive in every moment in the game and show our quality"

"We hope to take a lot away from the game but to do this we'll need to be cohesive, defend well, manage the ball well and keep the game simple"

"It's another amazing experience for the players and one we hope they embrace and show their talent"



Liam Sutcliffe looks back at the Crystal Palace fixture and the start to life in mens football for his young team.

Palace Logo.png

Defeat to Palace means nothing but the experience and learning means everything!

Liam Sutcliffe looked back at what was an amazing day for the ProChance players.

Liam commented "Defeat to Palace means nothing but the experience and learning means everything. A massive thank you to their staff and Crystal Palace for their class and showing us the respect to play us. Palace will do very well this season and we wish them luck for the season ahead"

"It's the same situation as when we were fortunate enough to play Port Vale first team. These experiences alone enable a far better understanding for each player of where they are at right now and how consistently good they need to be to reach a professional level"

"When I reflect on the Palace game; the main areas we can improve on is to play more two touch, have more/better concentration to solve problems or situations that naturally arise or happen because of the oppositions quality and to make better decisions generally. Our exchanges in possession must improve along with the detail in passing. They are capable and they will in time improve . The scene has been set with these experiences and it will be very interesting to see where they are at Christmas. They are a talented group"

"Anyone can see that we are under strength at the moment with so many players unavailable due to injury, suspension and Covid-19 so to see the players playing at the level they have and at the intensity they have is impressive"

"The six league games we have played to date have seen glimpses of what the players are capable of. To earn four draws has been a positive and considering the defeats have come within 24 hours of playing professional clubs tells a story but we definitely need to be better and use the defeats as the biggest learning tool"

"For a group of 16/17 year olds to be competing consistently at this level is an achievement but there is so much more to come from them. As players return, our training and schedule has a pattern to it then we'll see more and more quality from the players"

"The month of August has been very testing in lots of ways but a huge learning curve and we are delighted with how far the squad has come"

" A massive thank you to our parents and supporters for helping the players so far and congratulations to the flying left wing back that is Archie Cane on winning Player of the month for August 2021"

Up Next at Farley Way Stadium is table toppers Thurnby Rangers on Saturday 11th September 2021.

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ProChance head to the capital as Crystal Palace fixture added!

Busy week ahead for the ProChance youngsters!

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Palace Logo.png

Manager looks ahead to Crystal Palace as ProChance head to the capital to take on the Eagles!

"We've a big week ahead"

"Two league games sandwich a trip to the capital to face Crystal Palace 18's which will be big test against Premier League opposition"

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to play Palace but also to have the opportunity to play them at their state of the art training facility"

"It will be another amazing experience and learning opportunity for our players. It will give us a yard stick in which to measure how far individuals have come against top flight opposition and a CAT 1 youth team"

"This fixture on top of the game last week vs Port Vale at Vale Park is the stuff dreams are of and we are delighted to be able to speak with our friends in the game and give these opportunities to a talented and very deserving group of young men"

"The players will need to keep their strong mindset for another week as the demands on them haven't slowed down just yet and in each of the three games this week they'll need to work together, for each other and show their quality"

"It's a big week ahead and one we can't wait for starting tomorrow vs Highfield Rangers"

This weeks fixtures:

31.08 - Highfield Rangers [h] Farley Way Stadium 19.45pm K.O

03.09 - Crystal Palace 18's [a] Crystal Palace Academy Training Ground Midday K.O

04.09 - Hathern FC [a] Pastures Lane Playing Fields 15.00pm K.O

Do you want an opportunity for trial?


"It's coming! says the manager. It's definitely coming!"

Stan Gurney.JPG

Top performance from Stan Gurney earns ProChance a draw against the odds.

We caught up with ProChance manager Liam Sutcliffe to get his thoughts "We started very well and for the whole game I thought we played some great football, probably our best football so far this season. It's still early days for us in terms of the process and also developing the way we want to play to show off the talents of the players but the performances are growing and the players have the desire and character to grind out a result"

"Stan Gurney put in a top performance and showed a maturity through the game mentally which we were very pleased with. Joe Paradise and Cam Cook were also very good"

"We are improving all the time. The experiences and learning of the past week are already showing in our maturity, how we deal with situations on the pitch, our togetherness and our decision making. This is really pleasing and we will continue to improve"

"It is always nice to receive positive comments from other managers or officials for the way we play, the standard of our players and the quality of our concept. Thank you to the management and players of Friar Lane & Epworth for their kind words"

Sutcliffe highlighted another positive; "Our parents have been brilliant so far in supporting us to not only roll out the project, the football club and everything that's involved in that but also with logistics and supporting their kids. I think they've been amazing and we've certainly worked well as a team to ensure players can access every opportunity"

Turning back to football, Sutcliffe commented "We need to be more effective in the middle and final third. Although, we cause teams problems, we need to move the ball in less touches, play quicker and combine with better movement to really turn draws into wins and show that the players are developing their understanding and decision making"

We bounce onto the next game vs Highfield Rangers which I'm sure will be another tough test"

Scorers: Sunni Nichols and Cam Cook

Quorn FC.png

Looking ahead to the clash with Friar Lane & Epworth FC

We caught up with manager, Liam Sutcliffe.

"We are really looking forward to this game. It's a chance to get back to a winning mindset and put into practice the things the players learn't from Tuesday"

"We expect a tough test, we aren't at full strength with Ollie Jagroop [suspected ACL] and Callum Edwards [Hand] both sidelined and four players unavailable"

"We look forward to welcoming our opposition, officials and spectators"

Kick Off: 3pm at the Farley Way Stadium, LE12 8RB


Sutcliffe reflects on the first defeat and what it means for his young players

"Tuesday 24th August will be remembered as the busiest day in the history of ProChance"

"Two games in one day, taking on professional first team players vs Port Vale FC and then competing in the league in the evening was always a tall order for the players but it's something we had to do for the benefit of the players"

"I can already see the benefits of what we did on Tuesday. The group is getting closer and bonding. They learn't a huge amount from both games and the learning outcomes were very different from each game which has to be a positive"

"All in all it was a brilliant day to be a player for ProChance and its the stuff dreams are made of"

"The evening game saw a second sending off of the season. It changed the game really. We had played some good stuff early in the game but hadn't really penetrated their backline. Just as we were getting a foothold in the game, Stan is sent off. For me, it's another learning curve for him. It'll make him a better player but unfortunately we will lose him for three games now"

"We got it back to 2-2 through two great goals from Callum Edwards, they were good moves too but we were down to 10 men for the second half and didn't deal with their direct ball, this is something we are dealing with and on Saturday will be a problem solved for us"

"Tiredness and fatigue set in during the last 20 minutes or so which is to be expected"

"Both games did exactly what we wanted them to do in giving the players an education"



Port Vale Stadium.jpg

Manager looks ahead to playing Port Vale at Vale Park.

We caught up with manager Liam Sutcliffe ahead of Tuesday's clash vs Port Vale at Vale Park "We are delighted to have the opportunity to play against a combination of first team and 18's. It probable their side will feature first team players more than 18's and it will be an amazing experience for our players and our club"

"From our point of view this is why ProChance exists, to provide outstanding opportunity to promising young players. It will be a great experience for the players to play in a 20,000+ stadium and against a league two club in their own backyard"

"We want the squad to look at what they do, how they do it, their level of professionalism and what it takes to be a professional on and off the pitch"

"We want the players to take the opportunity for what it is, a learning experience and one that could lead somewhere with the right standard of performance.

"On Tuesday, we will need to utilise the squad to its maximum. With a calm and composed mindset there is a lot to be gained and very little to lose for the players. We will be reminding them of this. It's not that long ago these lads were in the throws of being released or playing on a park pitch, it's important we approach the opportunity in a calm way and put in a performance that they can be proud of. The best way for our players to approach this is to prepare well, take onboard the tactical information they need which we hope will give them an opportunity to get a platform to play in the game, keep the game to minimum touches, move the ball quickly and be brave without and without the ball"

"As ever our group will be under 18 so what a what a learning curve Tuesday will be. We are looking forward to the challenges that Tuesday will bring"

"The Port Vale game is huge for our players and regardless of result we hope the players learn a huge amount from the game that they can take into the coming weeks and months and use to their benefit in years to come"


Hard fought draw vs Magna 73 FC

"We came up against a strong and very physical side in Magna 73"

“We dealt with their physicality well for the most part but with such a tight pitch there was very little room for us to play the way we would have liked but all in all it was a battling performance and its another game away from home where we haven’t been beaten so that’s very pleasing”

“It’s probable we will miss Ollie Jagroop for a period of time now due to a very poor tackle which on another day could well have been a red card. Ollie will see Lizzie Read [Head of Medical] on Tuesday and we will know more then”

“In the first half we were a little too far off when pressing especially in the middle third. I think this was due to the sheer size difference but it’s something our lads will overcome in time. They are brave with and without the ball and I’m sure in the next game and game after that they’ll individually address this”

“We were disappointed to go in 1-0 down but changes were made and we changed the shape slightly to help the players cope with their physicality but also with one eye on the game vs Port Vale on Tuesday alongside our league game in the evening”

“The second we showed character and bravery to deal with their physicality and we played some good stuff at times. I was delighted for Charlie Tiley to assist Sunni’s goal and for Tyreece to get on the scoresheet along with his brother Tyrell”

“To score three goals in 45 minutes was particularly pleasing”

“All three goals we conceded were pretty much the same, direct ball, flick, goal. It’s effective for the opposition but something we need to get better at dealing with”

“There a lot, lot more to come from this group. It’s still early days in our process but the signs are there. The boys can play, they have great character”



Another tough game ahead for the youngsters of ProChance

Manager looks ahead to a tough contest

Match Preview vs Magna 73

Liam Sutcliffe | “Its important in the early days to keep our thoughts simple. We will need to be defensively solid as a team and enjoy moving the ball with quality and speed”




Ellis Pickard currently on trial at Peterborough United

Exciting Opportunity to join a club designed to help and support young players

ProChance Football Club requires a GK Coach [immediate start] to be part of our coaching team and unique football club.

The successful applicant must be available Tuesday’s and Wednesdays for matches and Saturday’s. On occasion it may be necessary to be available for training session during the day. These will be advised on an adhoc basis.

Salary: To be discussed at interview 


Effectively plan, deliver and evaluate goalkeeper coaching sessions and warm ups in line with the club’s philosophy and coaching. 

Implement the training programme for first team goalkeepers in association with the first team management staff. 

Manage the logistics for all goalkeeper training sessions and be responsible for maintenance of training equipment as required by goalkeepers. 

Undertake all reasonable tasks assigned by the first team manager. 

Continuously look to identify opportunities to improve operations and practises in the goalkeeper coaching department. 

Any other duties as required by the football club within the reasonable demands of the role. 

Person Specification 

Committed, enthusiastic and passionate about the development of goalkeepers and to the principles of teaching and learning, and an understanding of teaching and learning styles. 

Ability to work as part of a team as well as using one’s own initiative, excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate on a variety of levels. 

Strong IT skills and a strong understanding of and commitment to entering data into the club’s analysis tools. 

Able to adapt to the demands of the job and needs of the players and other staff. Dedicated to self-improvement and continuous professional development. Committed to working to and promoting the philosophy of the football club and to promoting and displaying standards of excellence. Be an ambassador and positive role model for ProChance Football Club.


Qualifications UEFA B Licence (required) and UEFA B Goalkeeping (required). 

UEFA A Licence and UEFA A Goalkeeping (desirable). 

Fully Licensed FA Coach committed to ongoing annual CPD to maintain licence. CRC and FA Safeguarding Certificate. Full clean driving licence is essential.

Please apply with full CV by clicking below.


10 man ProChance earn draw in season opener


  • Liam Sutcliffe | “The character of the side is outstanding”

  • ProChance manager on individual performances

  • Sutcliffe: “I thought the lads were brilliant in lots of different ways; the way they collectively set about the challenges the game threw at them kept them in the game and allowed the chance to snatch a draw”

  • ProChance manager Liam Sutcliffe stated post match that “for any one individual to kick on into the professional game the foundation always is good players having good players and characters around them to challenge them and push them on internally and this group has it in abundance”

NEW SEASON  (1).png



Quorn FC.png


  • Liam Sutcliffe | “So far we've made small steps, last nights victory was a big step in the right direction”

  • Sutcliffe: “I thought the lads were excellent; again, we asked the players to be versatile and play in various positions and I thought a few of them were excellent with those type of demands placed on them.”

ProChance manager Liam Sutcliffe was pleased to see his side take on a Quorn side at the new hok






  • Liam Sutcliffe | “We’re making small steps and that was encouraging”

  • Sutcliffe: “I thought the lads were fantastic; we asked the players to be versatile and play in various positions and I thought a few of them were excellent with those type of demands placed on them.”

ProChance manager Liam Sutcliffe was pleased to see his side make “small steps” in the right direction last time out and hopes for the same again as ProChance take on Quorn in Thursday nights clash.


Different Challenge, Same Journey!

On a sweltering afternoon at Hall Park, the home of Lutterworth Athletic, a young ProChance side were ultimately on the wrong side of an entertaining encounter.

Starting the afternoon straight out of the blocks, Sunni Nichols showed great composure to put ProChance in front as he slid home a calm finish.

Yet the lead was short-lived, Lutterworth Athletic scored the first of three. With a second coming before the break.



Quorn FC.png


"Quorn Football Club and Quorn Football Club Academy are delighted to announce the start of our partnership with ProChance" 



Next Steps are massive for young players

ProChance are delighted to announce that as part of our wider objectives we have launched our own football club.

The history of ProChance has revolved very much around trials, showcase games vs professional clubs and supporting young players on and off the pitch.

To take our project to the next level ProChance will play under 18 players who in most cases have been released from a professional club, are classed as late developers or have missed their opportunity in the professional game at STEP 7 in the Leicestershire Senior League.


We are delighted to welcome Oldham Athletic on the 12th October 2021 to St George's Park National Football Centre.

The showcase matches vs professional clubs continue to roll in giving players the best of opportunity to face professional clubs and to play in front of key decision makers.



LUTON TOWN png_edited.jpg

We welcome Luton Town on the 7th September 2021 to St George's Park National Football Centre.

The showcase matches vs professional clubs continue to roll in giving players the best of opportunity to face professional clubs and to play in front of key decision makers.

SGP set to welcome the shrimpers

Southend United.png

Southend United are set to visit St George's Park National Football Centre on Wednesday 20th October 2021.

ProChance set to announce squad for 2021/22


The young squad is set to be announced at the start of August 2021. Each player is set to be announced and welcomed to the club. 

The squad is expected to have a young average age, with all but two players recently being released from professional clubs


FourFourTwo continue as front of shirt sponsor for 2021/22 season


We are delighted to confirm the worlds largest football magazine continues to support ProChance as our front of shirt partner for the 2021/22 season.

In addition to the support given to ProChance to date. Media giant FourFourTwo strengthens their support for our club and its projects by continuing as front of shirt partner.


ProChance Education & Training commit to long term partnership


We are delighted to confirm ProChance Education & Training Limited will provide support to ProChance Football Club in a long term partnership.

ProChance Education & Training provides education and training solutions to professional and semi-professional football clubs. Their course range is varied and ranges from short courses to A levels, BTEC's, Apprenticeships and Degree level education.

The courses provided by ProChance Education & Training provides a financial solution to professional and semi professional clubs with clubs earning from £3,000 - £5000 for short courses usually lasting 6 - 12 weeks [subject to terms and conditions]

To enquire, please click the link below